Artificial Intelligence - When reality catches up with fiction

Welcome to the future ! 

Their names ? Heasy, Pepper, Spoon or Nao and we already see them everywhere in our train stations, on TV or on the internet. Focus on a phenomenon that grows. 

Designed and developed by SoftBank Robotics, a Japanese robotics company, the two robots interact with their interlocutors and evolve over the course of discussions. Whether it is alongside Thierry Ardisson in Salut les Terrens for NAO or in Renault's advertisings and in Carrefour's alleys for PEPPER, machines were able to settle in French culture.

Currently deployed at the Aix-en-Provence station, Heasy is the new robot who roams the corridors of the station. Thanks to a robotic fleet management software and a learning phase, it should soon be able to inform and guide all users.


Spoon is the first non-humanoid robot with a real emotional dimension. For its creator, Jérôme Monceaux, it is above all about "making the interaction between man and machine" natural. Spoon also has the ability to interface with other artificial intelligences, such as for Djingo, Orange's open virtual assistant.

What if robots could do more?

In any case, this is what the American company Boston Dynamics wants to change : our perception of robots. The company has created a "Robot-Dog", able to carry heavy loads and ... open doors!

From fiction to reality? Or the other way around ?

After Terminator in 1984 or I,Robot in 2004, the British series Black Mirror, presents at the end of 2017 an episode in which it is about a robot, similar to that of Boston Dynamics, who sets out in pursuit of a group that is desperately try to escape it.

To discover this fascinating world, go to Vivatech (which will be held from May 24 to 26 in Paris) who wants to bet on its robots to attract the public.

On the program: fight of automatic machines and other more peaceful humanoids will be discovered in this edition devoted to robots.