Artists & Robots - Artificial Imagination

Is today's AI able to imagine?

To answer this question, we went to meet Jerome Neutres, one of the co-curators of the exhibition "Robots and Artists" currently underway at the Grand Palais. 

Through their works, contemporary artists seek to highlight the sometimes complex relationships that exist between the artist and the artificial intelligence. It raises the question of "artificial imagination" and probes the modes of collaboration between the artist and the robot.

The work of Raquel Kogan "Reflexão # 2" seeks to highlight the relationship between man and machine. This immersive installation needs the spectators to function. It is in the interaction and their reflection that they modify the perceptive experience of the work. In this way, Raquel Kogan invites the viewer to question his perception and his senses, while reconsidering his role to play in the work of art.

disciple reciting the Heart Sutra to infinity.

approach art & artificial intelligence:
Will machines ever have the capacity to develop their own imagination and thus separate themselves from human to