Books into music ? Audio books land on Vinyl!

What if you listen to your books instead of reading them?

If the issue of the popularity of audiobooks may seem trivial, it could well become the capital with the unexpected arrival of a "new" format ... the vinyl!

Is vinyl the key to selling ebooks in 2018?

This is the challenge that some publishing companies like Hachett or Harper Audio have launched, which have recently announced a series of audio books printed on vinyls.

Although the audio book exists technically since the invention of the phonograph in 1877, it is actually in the 70s that it develops. Audio-cassettes, compact discs, DVDs or even digital downloads, many have been listening devices since.

Originally design as a practical support for people with a disability or for older people, the audiobook has grown rapidly in recent years thanks to the rise of digital and the evolution of our fashion way of life (public transport, mobility, technological evolution allowing a better quality of listening, vocal synthesis ...).

But in recent years, it is the vinyl that is once again on the rise. Quality of listening or simply nostalgia of yesteryear, it is once again a support acknowledge by the public.It is therefore logical that the publishing industry takes hold of this popular format. Among the first reissues (in English), we will find The Disastrous Adventures of Orphans Baudelaire, or "The Monarch of the Glenn" and "Black Dog" Neil Gaiman.

But you will have to wait a little longer before you can listen to your favorite books on vinyl because for now, no French publishing company has communicated on this format!