Name dropping : Entrepreneurship 2.0

What is a MOOC, anyway?

Entrepreneurship is like a TV show: you just have to miss an episode to be completely left out.

Today, we give you a recap of the terms you must know  if you are an entrepreneur today.

- Intrapreneurs :

Because they have their own movies, Iron Man, Black Panther and Thor can be considered as intrapreneurs: they develop their own "small business" under the Marvel umbrella.

- DIY :

... or Do It Yourself.

Here is a visualization of the concept.

- DIWO :

... or Do It With Others.

Here's a visualization of the concept.

- Makers :

Here, we are talking about tech entrepreneurs who rely on DIY or DIWO techniques.

Do we agree that Mac Gyver is the greatest Maker of all time? If only he had a Doer worthy of that name by his side...

- Doers :

The Doer is the one who manages to materialize the maker's vision, makes it attractive and knows exactly how to market the maker's products.

... bear with us, but when we think about doers, here is what comes to mind...

- Fab-Lab :

Fabrication laboratories are places made available to tech entrepreneurs to boost their projects, with the help of machines allowing them to make prototypes for example.

The fab-lab is kind of like Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory, except that it creates everything but monsters!

- MOOC :

Also known as Massive Open Online Courses, these are online training courses that can bring together hundreds of thousands of users at any time or any place.

In other words, it's like when the whole world connects to the same site and at the same time to buy tickets for Coachella ... or something like that.