Artificial Intelligence & Business

How companies are using AI to grow

If Artificial Intelligence became a major topic in 2018, it became even more so for marketers.

Large companies such as GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) have understood this and have long since incorporated Artificial Intelligence into their marketing strategy.

But by the way, what is AI?

AI brings together different algorithms. This set of algorithms will make a software able to do only its learning to qualify the environment in which it is.This is called Machine Learning.

Augmented reality

The obsession of Pokémon Go has shown that Augmented Reality (AR) is the market trend. Augmented reality is now an integral part of our lives, as evidenced by Google Glasses, "the tilt brush" or augmented reality headphones like the PlaystationVR © or the HTC VIVE ©. In Australia, Ikea has launched the first augmented reality app that wants to help you get your furniture home, before picking them up!


DATAs today represent a major challenge for companies. But can we really talk about Artificial Intelligence? Not really. For the time being, it is mainly a question of handling large amounts of information. We will therefore talk more about algorithms. Harley Davidson, on the other hand, chose "programmatic advertising". Artificial Intelligence baptized Albert designs and realizes the digital advertising of the brand, which has seen a 3000% increase in its prospects and a 40% increase in sales since its use.

IA and Customer Service

Brands are already making the buying experience more interactive with artificial intelligence. "Ok Google", "Siri", "Say Alexa"... If you're familiar with this kind of beginning phrase, it's probably thanks to the massive investment in personal voice assistants. These, who can not only give recommendations of products, can also analyze your purchases, and therefore your tastes. In addition, they will do it faster than a human while creating an engaging and entertaining contact.

And start-ups?

In France, there are currently about 280 French start-ups that mobilize artificial intelligence.Houndify, a start-up incubated by Orange, allows companies to integrate voice and conversational intelligence into their products through an independent platform. If Artificial Intelligence has a bright future ahead of it, we must remain cautious. As Elon Musk would say, "We are going to have the choice between being left behind or possibly finding a way to merge with AI."