In Las Vegas, hotel launches reservation assisted by artificial intelligence

Welcome to the futur

Artificial intelligence is a disruptive technology in many areas and the hotel industry is no exception.

In United States, the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino has recently introduced a new experience to its customers.

Since opening in 2010, the hotel has quickly noticed that most of its bookings were made via online travel agencies.To counter these platforms and get customers to book directly from the hotel's website, the Cosmopolitan Hotel has decided to launch its chatbot, Rose.

"69% of Millennials think chat services is more convenient than websites"

Keen to offer a new booking experience to all potential new customers, the hotel has discovered after a survey that 69% of Millennials believe that chat services is more convenient than websites.

But Rose is more than a chatbot. In addition to taking reservations, she can provide information on the weather, the different hotel hours or room service. It also offers experiences like visiting the establishment, ordering your favorite cocktail and can even surprise you with fun conversations.

His name ? A nod to the social club "Rose. Rabbit. Lie.", a very trendy place in Las Vegas.

The hotel wanted to give it a distinct personality, almost ambiguous, to make it the most high tech and most intriguing concierge service 2.0 on the market.