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Man on a tablet listening to music
COVID-19 Solidarity: 3 start-ups making culture more accessible online...
Big Data , CSR

From design to music or reading, for some people, the lockdown has been a chance to spend more time on hobbies or develop new interests. Three start-ups supported by Orange are enabling people to access culture more easily by adapting ...

Why is (big) phone data so valuable in combatting the COVID-19 pandemic?
Why is (big) phone data so valuable in combatting the COVID-19 pandemic?
Big Data , Innovation

Since the start of the epidemic, data has been used to help governments limit the spread of the virus. In Europe, the European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services Thierry Breton has, along with the scientific research ...

Data sharing, an environmental issue
Big Data , CSR , International

“The future does not predict, it prepares,” says the philosopher Maurice Blondel. Used in many areas to analyse human activities, data could occupy a central place in safeguarding the planet in the long term by transforming ...

Data, deciphered
Products and services , Big Data

Data: the 21st century’s new black gold? It is, according to today’s successful Internet giants. But what challenges does Big Data pose to commercial players in traditional sectors? How can a company maximise the value of its data? ...

Violeta, our customers' voice
Activities and expertise , Innovation , Big Data , International

Digital services have created new professions, especially in terms of customer service. Violeta Stroe explains how her digital expertise enables her to voice our customers' needs in Romania.

IoT and predictive maintenance: welcome to Industry 4.0
Internet of things , Big Data , Smart Cities

Growing numbers of companies are using the potential of IoT and Big Data to anticipate wear and tear and mechanical malfunction of their equipment. This predictive maintenance process is becoming increasingly accurate thanks to machine ...

When Big Data takes the lead in entertainment
Big Data , Contents