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Jason Feifer, editor-in-chief for “Entrepreneur” magazine

A reference in the latest business and corporate world news ever since its creation in 1977, Entrepreneur magazine also has a Facebook page called “Inspiration for Entrepreneurs” which posts on a daily basis tips and quotes… from entrepreneurs.

Can you have a conversation with a piece of art?

So? True or false? You see for yourself!

Content: Ask for the guide!

This revolution in speed and usage is pushing all production, publishing, and content distribution stakeholders to innovate competitively so as to provide you with a high-quality experience ever richer in sensations and emotions.

The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation's key figures

“We are the last generation that has a chance to stop climate change before it is too late”. You got that right, Leo. Matter of fact, the actor has been vocal about the subject for a long time now.

Our favorite “green” movie stars (after Leonardo DiCaprio)

Genuine commitment or “eco-trend”? We often wonder the real motives behind celebrities’ interest for the planet. But when you think about it, does it really matter? Every little bit helps, whether heartfelt or trendy.
Anyhow, here’s our ...


“Why Waste Water?”

Mundiya Kepanga, the Papuan chief is Robert Redford’s new BFF

To avoid deforestation, the traditional chief Mundiya Kepanga knew exactly what to do.

Can a celebrity save a sea?

Only time will tell...

Laurence VEYNE, head of communication at Greenpeace France

The head of communication tells us everything about these celebrities who take a stand for the planet.

Our 10 favorite "green" anthems!

We give you a Top 10 of our favorite « green »-musical anthems, and they are all classics!

Google's AI Fun Fact

Every day, AI seems to be making giant leaps. For example, the intelligence of Google Deep Dream is able today to reproduce in its own way the masterpiece “La Nuit Étoilée” by Van Gogh. An auction for the 29 AI-generated paintings was ...

3 questions to Bhautik Joshi, AI specialist for the next Kristen Stewart...

Using Neural Style Transfer technology, the engineer at Adobe Bhautik Joshi has worked with Kristen Stewart on sequences for her artificial intelligence-redesigned movie? He gladly answered our questions: