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Why Almodòvar isn’t a fan of Hollywood?

It's quite obvious when you think about it...

Pedro Almodovar's Fun Fact

Although he is a highly respected and world-renowned filmmaker, there is little that is known about Almodovar’s “off-cinema” life. For example, we’re sure you did not know what the number “12” means to Pedro

VR’s 851 calories

If you weren’t totally sold on the association of VR and sport, why don’t you come and sweat it out to Thrill Of The Fight? Make sure to track your burned calories.

Skydive from your sofa thanks to VR

You’ve always dreamed of skydiving but the sole thought of being on a plane makes you dizzy? Well say thank you to technology! 

Top 5 most incredible spots of sport VR

The great thing about VR today, is that it takes us places we never even though we could get to. Here’s a selection of the best “places” VR can take us to.

3 questions to Alex Krawitz, the guy who mixes skate-board and VR

With the agency Firstborn, Alex Krawitz creates VR experiences. The most impressive is bar far the Dew VR Skate Experience that takes you on a skating session with the biggest riders on the planet. Good stuff!

How to box without getting punched?

Nothing is impossible with VR! 

Jeff Glassbrenner has climbed the Everest for you

It's a good thing we've always wanted to go 

La Dance Party de LCD Soundsystem

Who never dreamed of dancing in a music video? Well, thanks to American rock band LCD Soundsystem, your dream came true

Virtual reality: where entertainment meets communication
Innovation , Sponsorship

As an innovation partner to Roland-Garros, Orange will use this year’s tournament to unveil its multi-player virtual reality experience. How will this new technology change the way we communicate? We asked Luc Bretones, Director of ...

Orange and Roland-Garros
Internet of things , Sponsorship

For us, match point doesn’t just happen on court but through the experience of the fans in the stand, which is why our partnership with Roland-Garros brings you a connected tournament in 2017.

American cinema doesn't have enough women!

In Hollywood, all females could be labeled wonder women considering how hard it is for them to get roles. From directing to casting, screenwriting to Oscar nominations, here’s a quick look at what the film industry really looks like for women…