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Augmented reality: what future for mobile games?

Overview of the most popular augmented reality games

Game Of Thrones: Actors already bid farewell to the series

The series has never been closer to the end 

Digital technologies: for better or for worse!

Digital technologies are now a natural part of daily life. Generally, they make it easier. But sometimes, they mess it up! Online gaffes, user errors and increased isolation and loneliness… A benchmark study of digital uses conducted ...

Phone booths, real pop figures

It's time for an update

Orange brings you closer, the rest is in your hands.

People are the starting and finishing point for all of our activities and guide everything we do across all of our countries every day. With this in mind, we make sure to offer services that bring you closer to what’s essential to you.

Summer is here, but wait until you’re on the beach to use your phone! #GoodPractice
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As the bigger summer getaway 2018 gets underway, Orange reminds you that “using your phone or driving” means there’s a choice between the two.

Japan Expo: The Cultural Meeting of Japan's Lovers

By the way, what is Japan Expo?