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What role does connectivity play in our digital lives?

Thanks to fixed and mobile network development, digital technology has become instrumental in transforming our societies and social norms. So what role does connectivity play in today’s digital societies? Patrice Carré, historian and ...

Name dropping : Cyber-security

The Internet has its very own world, with its own currencies and its own rules... which also means its own fellonies. Today, we refresh your mind on the vocabulary of cyber-security.

Hyperconnection or the need to develop a security culture

In the Internet-everywhere era, individuals and machines are permanently connected and their communications are multiplying. This hyperconnectivity creates new vulnerabilities that must be taken into account. Nicolas Arpagian, Strategy ...

#GigasSolidarios initiative – Where solidarity means Gigabytes!
CSR , International

Digital technology has become an essential tool for accessing information and education as well as business, social and financial services. Fighting the digital divide is a major challenge for Orange. Here’s the latest news about the ...

Our Pop Predictions for 2018

Come and have a look at what we predict will be 2018's biggest pop culture moments ;-)

Street Culture is on the up

In 2018, how do you define street culture? We tried to answer that question with the help of two start-up that should mark their time 

Orange acts for a positive digital society
Group , Networks , Activities and expertise

As optimists we believe that technology contributes to a brighter economic future. Putting people at the heart of this transition is an opportunity to build a smarter, more open and more responsible society.

2018: our 6 tech predictions!

To mark the New Year, here are Orange’s predictions in terms of the digital tech coming your way in 2018. You’ll not be disappointed! This year will be firmly focused on artificial intelligence and ambient connectivity – as businesses ...

Infographic : Our Poptastic Xmas presents

Is Christmas without some last minute Christmas shopping really Christmas? Here's a bit of help if you are behind with your festive shopping

Shine at parties : #DataArt is here to stay

Humanize data through art

Gif news : e-health and IoT

The Internet of Things is doing its part to bring e-health to the next level

How do you secure the Internet of Things?
Internet of things

While botnets – interconnected devices infected by the same malware – are targeting connected objects to perform cyber attacks on a massive scale, the question is how to counter the risk of piracy and secure the Internet of Things?