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Who's Who?: The hottest bank employees of the silverscreen

It's hard to admit but one of the reasons we love our bank is the level of sexiness of our banker(s)! Because at this time of year, your credit card is probably burning up, here's a list of the sexiest bank employees of the silver ...

Brillez en soirée : Avant d'être actrices, Whoopi Goldberg et Demi Moore...

We all know them for their iconic roles in classic films, but we didn’t know they had more than the cinema industry in common. Before they became actresses, Whoopi Goldberg and Demi Moore were both working ... in a bank!

Orange Bank, a digital and customer-focused bank
Products et services , Financial services

They’re called Yvan, Marina, Morgane, Corinne… They’ve been hard at work for several months to offer you a new banking experience that’s more adapted to your needs. Find out more about them!

Orange takes 2nd place in the European CSR ranking

The Lundquist CSR Online Awards have just evaluated 254 large European companies for their digital communication in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This year, Orange is ranked in second place. This recognises the ...

Emoji Interview : Kayane and Shaunz are all set for Paris Games Week 2017

Paris Games Week 2017 will begin on November 1st.
So we went to ask a few questions to two people who know quite a lot about the big annual event: gamers Kayane et Shaunz.
Check out their emoji answers below ;-)

Get Lost: when the SEED Awards reward African start-ups for sustainable...

The SEED Awards reward emerging-markets' start-ups with the strengths to make real environmental improvements, while contributing to a greener economy.

Digital transformation: how does Orange do it?
Group , Activities and expertise

For both our employees and our customers, innovation is only transformed into progress when it’s accessible to as many people as possible. Internally, this means we ensure that digital transformation brings new opportunities for our ...

Pop Stories - Algorave : Live Coding Music

Join us in London as we tell you everything about #Algorave, the emerging phenomenon that brings together live music and coding in an exceptional way!

#SuperCoders : Code for the COP23
European policy

For the fourth time, Orange and its employees, as part of EU Code Week, are committed to improving and strengthening the acquisition of digital skills amongst the younger generations...

The Code: last chance to support the network investments leading to a Gigabit Society
The Code: last chance to support the network investments leading to a Gigabit...
European policy , International

After one year of debates in the Council and in the Parliament, the two institutions have adopted their own positions on the draft Code on electronic communications...

Animated Infographic: the number 42 in pop culture...

42 ... seems like quite an ordinary number.
On closer inspection, you'll see that this very figure has been fascinating pop culture for quite a while now.

How digital technology can change the world
How digital technology can change the world

Our world is changing and accelerating under the impetus of new and digital technologies...