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Digitalizing yourself!

How could Orange support its retail and business customers with their digital transition if the Group was not moving forward with its own transformation and that of its employees?...

Orange in Europe - ‘an infinitely personalised digital life’
Group , European policy , International

The ability to connect customers to services, across fixed or mobile networks, has made Orange Europe’s biggest convergent operator and the demand from consumers to help them connect more and more services, in ever simpler ways, ...

eCAC40 2016 : Orange is one of France’s Digital Champions!
Group , Innovation

The Internet inspires… in Moldova too!
Group , International

A new creative and original campaign...

Orange is the most responsible company in Poland
Group , CSR , International

Orange Poland takes first place in the 2016 socially responsible company ranking and is awarded the CSR Golden Leaf (Palm d´Or) by the weekly news magazine Polityka...

A contribution to the telecoms regulatory framework review
Group , European policy , International

The EU is currently preparing the review of the 2009 telecoms regulatory framework.

Design: When the product listens to the user
Group , Innovation

Anyone can tell you the pleasure they have in using a smartphone, digital object, or “well-designed” app. Design plays an important role in the creation of a “good user experience.” Chantal Maugin, Director of Design and User ...

Our brand is also evolving to focus on the essentials in Senegal
Group , International

On March 14, the Orange brand evolved in Senegal to support its new ambition: enabling all its customers to enjoy an unrivalled experience by connecting them to their essentials. Orange therefore wants to be an essential and useful ...