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Wonder women who break the mold

A wonder woman doesn’t need to have super powers, she does her best to push the limits and break the rules.

Age is only a number for wonder women

At the end of the day, age doesn't define how "grown" you are...

Top 5 most jaw-dropping presidents of the jury

The Cannes Film Festival is renowned for being unpredictable

Roman Polanski and the Cannes Film Festival

Being part of a jury in Cannes means following some strict rules. But sometimes it can also mean creating some new ones. It was the case in 1991 when Roman Polanski was deemed a bit too enthusiastic.

3 questions to Bernard Payen, past-member of the jury at Cannes : “Those...

In 2015, Bernard Payen, filmmaker and director of programming at Cinémathèque Française, was part of the jury of the Golden Camera (Caméra d’Or) in Cannes. It is an award for the best first film.
We came to him to know a bit more about ...

How a telegram has changed Cannes’ jury?

For some, it’s easy to be president of the jury of the Cannes Film Festival… it’s even very easy… like in 1980 for example...

Rockstars for Cannes’ jury duty!

Rockstars at Cannes Film Festival, that’s nothing new. Rockstars in Cannes Festival jury, that’s never happened, but could it all be set to change?

Georges Huisman, Cannes’ first president of the jury

It’s hard to imagine but there was a time when cinema’s A-listers weren’t headlining the festival.

Jeanne Moreau is the only one who has been president of the jury twice...

Exceptional measures for an exceptional lady!

Content distribution: the heart of everything
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The digital revolution has made convergence a reality and content a strategic element...

Spotlight on the cinema of the future
Spotlight on the cinema of the future
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Here’s an overview of the key innovations that will soon transform the cinema-going experience for film fans.

Digital Cannes
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Join the glitterati on the famous red steps through all-inclusive VIP trips, ‘access all areas’ immersive experiences and behind-the-scenes live action.