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The wise Sean Parker: tech's unsung hero

At a time when companies like Facebook and Deezer are ruling the world and their founders have become pop culture icons, it seems like one particular tech guy isn’t getting the recognition he deserves: Mr Sean Parker.

Fun Fact : TED and its million of dollars
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Since its creation in 1984, the acronym TED has become the symbol of a more didactic approach to conferences; overtime it has become the leader of the pack when it comes to that field. Each year, it rewards “an inspiring, high-impact ...

Serial changes in the world of entertainment
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Like the high degree of success enjoyed by series, home entertainment is in a state of flux in terms of content format, viewing modes, and broadcast strategies. We review these major changes in case you missed an episode…

A new film coproduced by Orange Poland
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« L’Art d’aimer » retrace l’histoire de Michalina Wisłocka, femme médecin reconnue et auteure du livre « l’art d’aimer »...

Can we learn something from videogames?

Can videogames be good teachers? To celebrate the 7th Paris Games Week event, taking place from October 27 to 31, we put this question to Yann Leroux, a psychoanalyst and member of the Observatory of Digital Worlds in Human Sciences (OMNSH)…

100,000 spectators for the 2016 edition of Orange Kino Letnie
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Three resort locations in Poland, 62 days, 141 screenings, nearly 300 hours of cinematic emotion, more than 100,000 spectators...

Ultra HD TV: the next stage
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Following on from HD (high definition), which offered viewers a sharper and more well-defined image, new technologies are now promising to push the visual experience even further...