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Smile, you're connected!
Networks , Innovation

Find out our special report "Network modernization".

Cybersecurity: my precious, my data!
Innovation , Cybersecurity

The data of businesses, public institutions or individuals represent a goldmine, attracting the attention of hackers.

Research at Orange (third part): we are shaping the IoT
Internet of things , Innovation

The IoT promises to revolutionize our daily lives...

Reseach at Orange (Second part)

Research at Orange (first part)

Technological breakthroughs that are changing the world. In an increasingly fast-moving environment, digital technologies and the new uses they are opening up are driving deep transformations in our professional and personal worlds...

CES 2017

The best of the CES 2017 edition...

Smart Agriculture: fertile ground for digital technology

Agriculture has always harnessed technical advances. New technologies are starting to be seen on farms, improving working practices and results...

Network Modernization: The Road to Innovation
Networks , Internet of things , Innovation

Whether in the form of smartphones, connected watches or health wristbands, digital technology is creeping into many aspects of everyday life and leading to greater connectivity needs...

On the road to 5G
Networks , Innovation

In the 2020s, the 5th generation (5G) of mobile networks will connect tens of billions of objects of unprecedented diversity...

Orange Developer Challenge 2016: innovate faster together

With the Orange Developer Challenge, Orange and its partners organised a hackathon the 28th and 29th of November...

eCAC40 2016 : Orange is one of France’s Digital Champions!
Group , Innovation

Everything you need to know about the blockchain
Financial services , Innovation , Cybersecurity

It will be the next big revolution. It will spell the death knell for cash and banks...