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CSR at the heart of business
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At a time when sustainable development and responsible business are both ethically and legally essential, which role CSR should play at the heart of an organisation? Interview with Brigitte Dumont, Head of CSR at Orange Group and ...

Animated Infographic : Orange Pop's Green Tips

We may not realize it but adopting an eco-friendly attitude isn't too complicated. Here are a few tips that will help you be more "green"

Name dropping: CSR

More and more, companies are proud to tell us about their CSR initiatives, and we think it’s amazing.
... but in all fairness, what exactly is CSR?

If you are one of those people who nod but do not understand when the subject is brought ...

Digital technology is a major driver for achieving the Sustainable Development...
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In August 2015, 193 countries agreed within the framework of the UN to set 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The aim is to promote peace around the world, eliminate poverty, and combat the deterioration of the planet.

What do you really know about CSR?

Many businesses are becoming more aware of their impact on society and the environment. As a result, they are implementing CSR policies to identify and control this impact. Let’s go back to the varied facts, and the legal or business ...

Orange Spain is helping to combat humanitarian crises.
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Six NGOs have got together in an entirely new initiative by creating the Emergencies Committee.

#SuperCoders wins at European Digital Skills Awards 2016
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#SuperCoders has won 1st Prize in the category of "Digital Skills for all Citizens" at the European Digital Skills Awards, organised by the European Commission...

Orange and La Ruche team up to use digital technology to make a social...

Surfing on the Social Good Week wave, La Ruche - a co-working, incubation and acceleration place, dedicated to the positive economy - and Orange, have teamed up...

Better understand the digital impact in our lives

The aim of the Digital Society Forum is to shed light on significant societal changes driven by digital technologies...

Marrakech COP22: reviewing our commitments
CSR , International

The COP22 UN Climate Change Conference has opened on 7 November in Marrakech. It’s an opportunity for an update on the environmental commitments we made a year ago at the COP21....

The circular economy : a priority for Orange
The circular economy : a priority for Orange

In the run-up to the COP 22 UN Climate Conference in Marrakech, from 7 to 18 November, Orange is organising a dialogue with stakeholders on the circular economy. Last year at COP 21, Orange made this concept a priority, pledging to ...

Supercoders: Saving the planet!
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For the third consecutive year, Orange is organizing  free workshops for children aged from 9 to 13, in order to support and accompany  them in the development of digital skills...