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In Moldova, the Orange Foundation is offering excellence-based grants for...

In Moldova, until October 17, IT teachers under the age of 35 working in rural areas can apply for excellence-based grants...

Everything you need to know about the blockchain
Financial services , Innovation , Cybersecurity

It will be the next big revolution. It will spell the death knell for cash and banks...

Image The Orange Foundation again supports responsible use of digital media by the very young in Slovakia
The Orange Foundation again supports responsible use of digital media by...

On September 5, 2016, the Orange Foundation (“Nadácia Orange”) again launched its grant program for tomorrow’s digital schools (“e-Škola pre budúcnosť”) in Bratislava. For the third year, the program is highlighting the dangers linked ...

EC Copyright proposal
European policy

As a provider of audiovisual services and a buyer of rights, Orange welcomes the the balanced approach of the Commission towards the modernization of the EU copyright framework and of the regulation of retransmission...

Telecoms : Orange welcomes the European Commission’s vision
European policy

Orange welcomes the European Commission’s vision at the heart of the new code on European Electronic Communication.

Digital technology: a driver of local development in Spain
CSR , International

In Spain, Orange is uniting with the city of Santander and EOI, Spain’s School of Industrial Organization, to support the Sé digital program and promote digital technology as a driver of local development...

The Internet inspires… in Moldova too!
Group , International

A new creative and original campaign...

There are already 10 Smart Stores in Romania!

The customer experience transformation in Romania is just around the corner. In fact, after opening its first Smart Store in Cluj Napoca in March 2015...

100,000 spectators for the 2016 edition of Orange Kino Letnie
Contents , Sponsorship , International

Three resort locations in Poland, 62 days, 141 screenings, nearly 300 hours of cinematic emotion, more than 100,000 spectators...

Orange is supporting the growth of European start-ups
Innovation , European policy

Orange is convinced that startups are an essential driving force for European innovation.

Summer Well 2016 eco-festival setting the soundtrack to your holidays
Internet of things , Sponsorship

The Summer Well eco-festival, held in Buftea, on the Ştirbey Estate near Bucharest, is back and being supported by Orange for the sixth year! On August 13 and 14, music and technology will come together in a summer atmosphere for ...

The car of the future
Internet of things , European policy

Smart driving and policy making