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Viva Technology reiterates its success in 2017
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Orange is taking part in Viva Technology 2017. Here’s a summary of the key issues being discussed at this second edition of an event that has become the place to be for digital innovation in France.

The Digital Single Market: two years on
European policy

In May 2015, the European Commission issued its strategy setting out its aim to improve the delivery and operation of digital services across the EU...

When Big Data takes the lead in entertainment
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The technologies behind entertainment
The technologies behind entertainment

The impact of digital technologies on cultural activities at a glance.

The start-up lingo

To each culture its language and its vocabulary. The start-up lingo is a very special one. True to its era, it was largely inspired by pop culture. Here are a few examples:

How to listen to a vinyl without a turntable?

Using RokBlok! Both vinyl player and pocket speaker, this small case designed by designer Logan Riley can even be connected to a bluetooth speaker to amplify the sound.

Baobab Studios: VR’s Pixar!

Stephen Phillips, the man behind PopGun

3 questions to Hicham Kochman, aka Axiom, rapper, producer and CEO of KEAKR

A true jack of all trades, rapper Axiom launched a few weeks back KEAKR, an app dedicated to the celebration of urban talents and Hip Hop culture. Find out about a start-up that will make you sing.

#Phonotonic: when dance becomes music

Boosting entertainment through innovation
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As is the case across the entire economy, the Entertainment sector has been transformed by the digital revolution. A brilliant opportunity or a disaster?

5 Start-ups for pop culture, supported by Orange

Orange supports innovation and start-ups willing to come up with fresh and original concepts: Orange fab, La Ruche.
Some of them are highly inspired by something we all know very well: pop-culture