Orange reveals the results of the second edition of the Observatory of digital uses entrusted to Opinion Way

In partnership with Opinion Way, Orange created the Observatory in 2018 to gain a better understanding of the French population's connected practices and to compare them with other countries.

An observatory on an unprecedented scale

This survey, entrusted to Opinion Way, is the biggest of its kind, with over 11,800 respondents in nine  countries across the globe. In all the countries covered by the study, most users of digital technology say they are now unable to live without their smartphone (60 % on average). Conversely, social networks seem to be increasingly irrelevant: 75 % of French and Spanish digital users could do without them and 82 % of Americans say the same thing.

This year, Orange chose to focus on topics at the heart of concerns related to this profound transformation: trust, dependency and disconnection, e-inclusion, citizenship and environmental impacts.

A few major findings of this new edition:

1.    Digital technology has become part of daily life in all the countries that participated in the study. The study clearly shows that digital tools have become a necessity with an average of 67 % of people asked saying they can no longer live without internet and an average of 61 % of people saying they cannot live without their smartphone.

2.    This form of maturity can be seen in a heightened understanding of the risks: almost one person in two does not trust social networks. However, it is noted that digital technology provides its users with so many advantages that they overcome these fears.

3.    Intensive use of digital technology is creating a growing need to disconnect, even occasionally: over 8 out of 10 people need to disconnect. Paradoxically, people have a hard time putting this aspiration into practice. 

4.    In the future, digital technology could continue to develop, by offering ever more personalised services (especially in the healthcare, education and financial services sectors) and also by making it easier to access and understand for everyone.

5.    Digital pollution issues raise the question of the programmed obsolescence of digital devices. Users, especially those in France (29 %), say they are now completely willing to replace their devices less often. In Western countries, recycling is a well-established practice: one in every three users say they recycle.

6.    Finally, digital inclusion is seen as important by most of the people surveyed: it should even be a national priority according to 72 % of French digital users and 87 % of Spanish users.

1/  Nine countries: South Korea, Cote d’Ivoire, Egypt, Spain, US, France, Morocco, UK, Senegal

Users are increasingly aware of the potential risks: hyper connection, sense of insecurity regarding personal data, social isolation.

To find out more about the Observatory and read the study: here

Click here to see Orange’s new awareness campaign highlighting the possible risks related to using digital technology as well as the various tools available to prevent these risks, which was launched on 15 September.

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