Orange participates in COP21 in Paris

Orange participates in COP21 in Paris



From 30 November to 11 December 2015, the whole world will meet in Paris for COP21. A major international event, "Paris 2015" is of crucial importance in the history of environmental summits. It should result in a global climate agreement to limit global warming to 2° by the end of the century. This is a global and universal issue in which Orange is an active and involved player. We will explore different aspects of this environmental commitment over the coming weeks. But first of all...

What is a COP?

  • A "Conference of Parties": an annual summit organised by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (
  • A worldwide event: representatives of 195 states or "Parties" meet here to negotiate their respective commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adopt agreements on climate change.
  • A major milestone in 2015: following COP21, a binding international agreement for countries to limit the average increase in global temperature to 2 degrees by 2100 is to be adopted.


Why is Orange heading to the COP?

Orange is a member of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a United Nations agency which is heavily involved in work on global warming. For this reason and because of the commitments of our CSR policy, we have been participating in the preparation of COPs for many years.

COP21 also provides us with a showcase and forum for us to display our solutions in the fight against climate change. Our role during the conference breaks down as follows:

  • as a technical partner, we provide communications services and infrastructures for the Conference.
  • as a promoter of digital technologies, we have proposals and solutions to put forward – not only to reduce our environmental footprint, but more generally, to support civil society and other economic actors in limiting climate change.


Part of the solution

Digital technologies have a role to play in ecological challenges and the preservation of biodiversity. In this respect, for example, steering systems contribute to controlling and optimising energy consumption in households, intelligent transport systems promote the development of sustainable and eco-friendly mobility, alert solutions warn us about the arrival of major climatic events, etc.

Orange is committed to energy transformation: server virtualization, introducing new generation data centres, deploying solar relay stations in Africa, incorporating hybrid vehicles into our fleets, employing an environmental management system and more. All of these measures are part of the Group's objective of reducing CO2 emissions by 20% by 2020 as compared to 2006.



A look back at COP20 in Lima

Held from 1 to 14 December 2014 in Lima, Peru, the 20th COP led to the adoption of a text by consensus. The Member States acknowledged the substantial gap between the current commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the behaviours necessary for an average global warming limited to between 1.5 and 2° by 2100.

This text also indicated the following:

  • the agreement sought in 2015 will have to address the issues of reducing emissions and adapting, financing, developing and transferring technologies;
  • the 2015 agreement must reflect the principle of the shared but differentiated responsibilities for countries around the world;
  • the reduction commitments will be determined by the countries themselves, and identifiable "in a clear, transparent and understandable way" for Paris.


On the road to Paris 2015

By 31 May, a first official draft agreement must emerge and be submitted to the 195 member countries of the UNFCCC.
From 3 to 14 June, a meeting in Bonn will allow for the production of a progress report and the continuation of negotiations for the future agreement.
During the second half of 2015, a final session of intermediate negotiations will be held before the UNFCCC Secretariat publishes a summary of the various commitments by countries on 1 November.

Achieving an agreement that will be adopted by all UNFCCC members will be difficult, due to both the size of the challenge and the differing positions of the various countries. If no binding agreement is approved by the 195 Parties involved, it is possible that a significant group of states will commit simultaneously at COP21.

COP21 will be held at Paris-Le Bourget from 30 November to 11 December 2015. Orange is actively preparing for this major event. A programme dedicated to COP21 has been initiated to involve all of the company's entities, with a number of key projects on Big Data and innovations within the network. We are one of the players that can contribute to the development of solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Orange is heading for the COP.

to be continued ...