Smart cities : when the digital makes megacities more clever

On course for the COP. Discover our episode 2, and how cities today represent a major environmental challenge...


Cities today represent a major environmental challenge. The figures are indisputable: cities concentrate 50% of the human population on less than 1% of the land mass, consume 75% of global energy and alone generate 80% of the planet's CO2 emissions.

The situation is even less sustainable given that by 2050, according to the UN, the global population will reach 10 billion people, 70% of whom will live in cities. Scientific studies show for example that by 2030, 1,800km of the Chinese coastline will be completely urban, while in Africa, demographic pressure will increase urbanisation by 590%.

These projections make it essential to implement innovative solutions capable of making cities smarter in environmental terms.

In contrast to the French Man of Letters Alphonse Allais who recommended "building cities in the countryside", digital technology enables us to come up with meaningful solutions to many urban issues. A guided tour of Orange solutions for smarter cities.

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