A group committed to its LGBT employees

Even today, sexual orientation can be a barrier to accessing a job or career progression: from recruitment discrimination to inequalities in terms of promotion, fair treatment or remuneration…  

At Orange, the Group’s diversity policy is central to its Essentials2020 strategic plan and digital and caring employer promise.

Orange is committed to welcoming and developing every employee’s skills, ensuring a high quality working experience and encouraging everyone’s social commitment.

This policy is based on a vision in which managers encourage a culture that promotes inclusion and teamwork while making sure any form of discrimination or inequality is eradicated.

Skills development is not only a key business priority, it is also a key asset for each individual and as such it is the cornerstone for a truly inclusive and successful company.

Since 2013, Orange has signed up to the charter of the Other LGBT Circle*

Our commitment:

  • Creating an inclusive environment for LGBT employees.
  • Ensuring equal rights and fair treatment for everyone regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • Supporting employees who are victims of discrimination (verbal or actual).
  • Measuring progress and sharing best practices to change the overall working environment.

Orange has also committed to the UN Recommendations to outlaw discrimination against LGBTI in the world of work, issued in October 2017.

Mobilsnoo: the network for Orange Group LGBT+ employees and their friends

Created in 2008, Mobilisnoo is the hub for all Orange Group LGBT* employees and their friends. The Group Diversity team works in close collaboration with Mobilisnoo to develop an open, respectful and inclusive working environment. The association has three key objectives:

  • Outlawing all forms of discrimination related to sexual orientation and/or gender identity
  • Engaging with employees during their transition
  • Managing the LGBT+ network within the Orange Group

Hear from Christine Albanel, Orange Group Senior EVP of CSR, Diversity, Partnerships and Philanthropy as she marks the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia.