15 July 2020

Orange : a committed brand

Brands that use their values, experiences and history to help answer today’s social challenges succeed in gaining the trust of customers, investors and stakeholders, whether internal or external. For Orange, overcoming these challenges while preserving our identity is central to everything we do as a community-minded, eco-responsible brand.


A commitment that’s in line with our values

In the context of growing distrust of public authorities, businesses and brands are increasingly influencing consumer behaviour. Today’s socially-conscious brands meet Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria to ensure they have a positive and tangible impact on the world. Only then can they build trust with consumers as part of a sustainable approach that creates value for the company, employees, customers and stakeholders. 

2019 Integrated Annual Report



Beatrice Mandine directrice de la Marque Orange

This commitment is reflected in the way our innovation always has to serve the public interest, as progress only makes sense if it meets universally shared needs. I think that this positioning, in addition to being an integral part of who we are or our ‘DNA’, also strengthens the attachment our various audiences feel when it comes to the Orange brand.

Béatrice Mandine, Executive Director Communications, Engagement and Brand





Our commitments guide our 143,000 Group employees to ensure both technological performance and responsibility – we always start with people, and the benefits technology can bring them.

this is the percentage of consumers who trust businesses more than public authorities and governments when it comes to solving major societal issues
Source : 2019 Edelman trust barometer special report



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