Published on 29 March 2021, updated on 31 March 2022

Orange: committed brand

Using their own values and history to help answer wider social challenges is essential for today’s brands. At Orange, it’s what we mean by being “a committed brand”.


A rich brand history

Launched in 1994 in the UK, the Orange brand has continued to adapt to societal changes while remaining faithful to its founding values of simplicity and friendliness. Keeping the focus on accessibility and customer benefits has remained central, combined with the technological advances of the group it joined in 2000. Building on this heritage, our business model ensures we act responsibly when it comes to our employees, customers and the countries we operate in. Incorporated into our company’s bylaws in 2020, our purpose is an important step in our rich history: “as a trusted partner, Orange gives everyone the keys to a responsible digital world”. More than a promise, it is a compass that guides all of our actions, every day, around three main commitments:



Orange is committed to building a society based on trust

Using digital to enable a more open, fair and secure society, which protects individual rights and freedoms while helping people use technology responsibly.


Orange’s commitment to digital equality

Reducing inequalities related to accessing or using digital equipment and services because we believe this approach is fundamental to progress and equal opportunities.


Orange’s commitment to the environment

Reducing our environmental footprint to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 204, because we believe digital technology can be part of the solution to combat climate change.


Orange’s commitment to supporting a responsible economy

We conduct our business in a manner contributing to inclusive, ethical and sustainable economic life, all the while creating value for our employees and all our stakeholders, as much through our technologies and services as through a model of responsible sharing.



A committed brand, in line with the values it advocates

In a context of growing mistrust of institutions, consumers are turning to companies and brands. A committed brand must have a positive and tangible impact on society. It provides guarantees to consumers while employing a sustainable approach that creates value for itself, its employees, its customers and its wider community of stakeholders.


[Commitment] … is a profound and transformative movement: it requires a company to make a firm social promise. For Orange, this means we’re promising a more inclusive world, one that is also respectful of the environment through the fantastic means of digital technology. So here's my question: what relationship can be established between a company and a society without proper understanding of this society? What promise can be kept without the will to change behaviors? And finally, what real and sincere commitment can be made without communication.

BéatBéatrice Mandine, Executive Director Communication, Brand and Engagement  , Stratégies -16 March, 2021.



Responsible communication

If we talk about being eco-responsible, we have to make sure our communications are responsible in themselves. That’s why, from the way we form our messages to our eco-designed materials, we have completely redeveloped our brand basics to reduce our environmental footprint.

To reduce the environmental impact of our communication, we have reduced our ink and paper consumption and favor vegetable-based inks as well as 100% recycled paper. We have also changed our typeface so that it uses less ink to print. We have simplified and refined our online illustrations to reduce loading times and favor dark mode, which uses less energy, on our digital platforms.




Differentiated communication

We don’t just talk about our commitment; we show how we are meaningfully different. Whatever our subject, audience or point of contact, we stand out as a genuinely committed brand. One such example is our European Orange 5G campaign. Our belief? That technology shouldn’t just perform well, it should also be useful.


“Y’Africa”, the African culture TV magazine

With our strong presence in Africa, we’re demonstrating our commitment by promoting the continent’s rich and diverse culture with “Y’Africa”, the African culture TV magazine.



Our communication in action

We communicate to change perceptions and behaviors. We don’t just encourage our stakeholders to become more proactive and responsible, we give them the means to engage in a responsible digital world too.

Internally, our Engagement Makers Award promotes and rewards employee initiatives in the field of digital equality, net zero carbon and solidarity. Members of the Executive Committee chaired by Stéphane Richard will award a prize for each of these categories. An “Employee Award” and an “Audience Award” complete the list.

Externally, we run a range of free digital courses and workshops to help people use online tools and promote digital inclusion. Our French website Bien vivre le digital and our Spanish website Por un uso Love de la tecnología support digital users while highlighting the risks. Our recycling programs encourage customers to give their phones a second life. For example, the “re” initiative, which launched in 2020 to promote recycling, recovery and reconditioning, has accelerated mobile device trade-ins across Europe.

Illustration une usine à la chaîne de recyclage de téléphones mobile

We’re also aiming to deploy an inclusive offer in each country in Europe by 2025, such as “Tarifa Social” in Spain or the “Coup de Pouce” offer in France, which is reserved for low-income families and includes an internet, TV and fixed telephony bundle, the option to buy a low-cost PC, and access to our digital workshops. In Africa and the Middle East, the Sanza touch is an exclusive Orange smartphone launched in 2020. The price (around US $30) is intentionally low to promote digital inclusion and make mobile data accessible to a wider population.




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