Published on 02 February 2021

The brand in action

A brand is no longer about what it says but what it does. That’s been the message behind our communication campaigns for several years as you can see here.


The most innovative thing about 5G is what we'll do with it

As an exciting addition to our existing networks, 5G opens up a whole range of possibilities. But we firmly believe that technology shouldn’t just perform well, it should also be useful, so we can all experience tangible benefits now and in years to come.

In our European 5G campaign, children go on a pretend class trip to a museum, where almost anything is possible. The children are at that spontaneous age where they can interact fully with the museum, exhibits and works of art. Thanks to 5G, children can discover the museum as if they were actually there, enjoying a fun and immersive experience.
Indeed, education is just one of the many areas benefitting from 5G, as our press and digital campaigns illustrate. Orange also shows the benefits 5G brings to B2B and B2C customers in areas such as education, health, industry, smart cities, transport and entertainment.

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Let's give our phones a second life

And we have the power to do so by adapting our uses and inventing new solutions to serve the climate. The manufacture and recycling of equipment accounts for 2/3 of digital energy consumption on the environment. Over the past 10 years, the Group has implemented solutions and services to give a second life to telephones and thus contribute to the preservation of the planet's resources. Orange has already collected 15 million phones worldwide.

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Our commitment is not out of this world, it’s for this world

Through this dedicated advertising campaign for the Africa and Middle East zone where Orange operates in 17 countries, our ambition is to communicate Orange's environmental commitment. This ambition is illustrated by the father-daughter relationship, working together to raise awareness and protect our planet. We have reduced our C02 emissions per customer use by 64.2% since 2006, we are committed to being net zero carbon by 2040.

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We all have great power. We all have great responsibility.

The ambition behind this advertising campaign is to enable everyone to make the most of digital technology in a safe and informed way. The message highlights one of life’s milestones: when a parent gives their child their first smartphone. This key moment in a parent-child relationship is an opportunity to underline the values that guide us in everyday life and that apply to the digital world too.

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Good practice while driving

More than 170 million people use Orange mobile services. In an increasingly connected world, of course we don’t want to limit how you send texts and photos, watch video and share what you’re up to with your loved ones. However, whether you’re in the car or on two wheels or foot, mobile phones can distract you and reduce your visibility. Please use your phone responsibly when you’re on the road by following our Good Practice guide.

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How to protect yourself from phishing

Today’s digital world offers huge opportunities and our lives are becoming ever more connected. But in any society there is a darker side and criminal activity. Raising awareness of online risks helps to guard against the dangers and preserve our freedom.

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At Orange, you can

Boosting our employer image and attracting today’s ultra-connected generation entering the job market - these are the objectives of our new campaign.
This generation of talent expects to find the right work-life balance and join a team where they can combine their professional development and personal goals.
“At Orange, you can” is our response to this need, highlighting #LifeAtOrange through testimonials of employees who bring our commitments to life.

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