Published on 18 January 2018

Activities highlight

You wish to get information about the members workshops ? Find out year by year all the meetings minutes from 2017 till now.


Activities highlight 2019

Meeting of January 25

    • Proposal for a new shareholder show
    • Presentation of Shareholding in France
    • Back to the morning CLIFF General Assembly
    • Visit of the Museum of the Paris Stock Exchange

    Meeting of April 16

      • Presentation of the Orange fiber policy and fiber course tour 2019 Shareholder’s meeting
      • Presentation of Resolutions by Cédric Testut - Legal Council


      Activities highlight 2018

      Meeting of March 29

        • 2017 financial results and Group news Digital tools
        • Group employee savings (presentation and Q & A)
        • Resolutions 2018 of Shareholder’s meeting
        • Organization of Shareholder’s meeting

        Meeting of May 31

          • News and debrief of Shareholder’s meeting
          • Appreciation of integrated annual report
          • Discovery of international networks

          Meeting of October 26

            • Reflections on Shareholder’s meeting
            • Presentation of the Orange shareholder guide
            • Presentation of Orange Bank by Delphine d'Armarzit (Deputy Chief Executive Officer)




            Activities highlight 2017

            Meeting on Thursday 23 February

            • Focus on financial results and Group’s news

            • Presentation of communication report towards Individual Shareholders

            • Presentation of the Ethics & Compliance at Orange by Pierre-Antoine Badoz Group Chief Compliance Officer

            • Presentation of the research work on shareholding by Magalie Marais and Calin Gruau, professors at ESC Montpellier

            Meeting on Thursday 27 April

            • Focus on H1 financial results and Group’s news

            • Presentation of the resolutions for the 2017 Shareholder’s Meeting by Cédric Testut, (Deputy VP, Legal Department)

            • Visit of Jacquemart-André Museum in Paris

            Meeting on Thursday 16 November

            • Introduction of H1 new members to the Committee

            • Financial result, Group’s news and feed-back on 2016 Integrated Annual Report

            • Working groups: Explor new ways to retail shareholders

            • Visit of the Orange Gardens’s site and demo


            Visit of the Orange Gardens’s site and demo on Thursday 16 November 2017


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