Published on 24 March 2021

Orange Money, emblematic business activity for the Group

Since its launch in 2008 in Côte d'Ivoire, 60 million customers in 17 countries rely on Orange Money to access simple and secure financial services that make life easier every day. Orange Money is now a major growth driver for Orange. As an essential service in Africa, it also offers future market potential in Europe.




Orange Money, a service rooted in trust



+60 million Orange Money customers


17 countries offering Orange Money


380 000
Orange Money points of sale 



Orange Money, one of the Group’s main growth drivers 

Orange Money has built its success on being accessible and universal. The service enables millions of people without access to a traditional bank account to carry out financial transactions quickly and easily via a mobile. An essential service for many users, it is also reliable and secure, which explains why governments and institutions are now adopting it.  
In 13 years, Orange Money has become an important growth driver in the MEA region, by enabling digital payments, improving transparency and boosting economic activity. 
This success comes with strict requirements in terms of compliance, which is a priority for Orange. 


A regulated activity

To meet the compliance regulation governing mobile money services, Orange’s financial institutions have Central Bank approval in 7 African countries as well as a mutualised compliance expertise centre, CECOM, based in Abidjan. These organisations guarantee the compliance of all operations and interact directly with authorities, simplifying the launch of new services.

The ambition is to make Orange Money as accessible to as many people as possible in strict compliance with the regulations of the Central Bank in each region and monetary area where Orange operates.



Orange Money, contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals

There are numerous examples of how Orange contributes to the UN’s SDGs. The Ivorian government used Orange Money to distribute vital aid to vulnerable communities during the Covid-19 pandemic. The service enables thousands of women to become micro-entrepreneurs with greater control over their finances and therefore greater gender equality. In teaching and education, mobile payments enable easier management of course registrations and salary payments. Orange Money also enables easier access to energy and drinking water as users can be billed per use. All of these services help to strengthen trust. 


From Orange Money to Orange Bank Africa 

Over the past decade, innovative partnerships have transformed the Orange Money service from a simple payment method to a platform that offers more sophisticated financial services including loans and savings. This transformation boosts financial inclusion by providing the public with tools to manage their financial risks. Orange has even launched its own bank, Orange Bank Africa, an innovative, digital and inclusive bank that will strengthen financial inclusion and democratise access to banking services. 


Orange Money leader on his footprint


More than a decade of growth

* customers who use Orange Money every month 

Graphic 20 millions active customers*


An unmatched customer experience

Pictogramme Digitale


Pictogramme réseau

Extensive network

Pictogramme sécurisée


Pictogramme économique


Pictogramme Immédiat





Useful services

Illustration Orange Money sur mobile

Money Tranfer

  • between Orange customers
  • to others international operators
  • to no-Orange customers
  • between bank account (Bank to Wallet)


  • top-up airtime credit
  • bill payment
  • salary payment
  • tax payment
  • online payment
  • merchand payment
  • fee payment, etc

Financial service

  • credit
  • saving
  • insurance

And the Orange Money App



A real societal and economic impact our countries


  • Acceleration of financial inclusion
  • Job creation
  • Acceleration of diversity
  • Women's entrepreneurial development
  • Traceability of transactions
  • More public services available online


illustration de ville avec Orange Money

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