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Actor Gael García Bernal is a jaguar...
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Who is your spirit animal? That’s the question UN seems to have asked their ambassadors for their latest campaign.Titled « Champions », it is fronted by Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen – who has been an environment goodwill ...
Discover Hayet Behilil : an Orange Employee
Activities and expertise , Employees Commitments , Customer experience

Find out Hayet Behilil's portrait, B2B Key Account Customer Service Manager, at Orange since 2011.

I make 4 my city, 2017!
“Sport for all” is the theme of the 2017 edition. The aim is to show what young people without qualifications can do after undergoing training at our Solidarity FabLabs. Open to our 60 Solidarity FabLabs, the competition this year ...
Discover Frédéric Ghirardi : an Orange Employee
Activities and expertise , Employees Commitments , Customer experience

Find out Frédéric Ghirardi's portrait, Ordering, Delivery and After-Sales Director, at Orange since 2016.

Our favorite “green” movie stars (after Leonardo DiCaprio)
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Genuine commitment or “eco-trend”? We often wonder the real motives behind celebrities’ interest for the planet. But when you think about it, does it really matter? Every little bit helps, whether heartfelt or trendy.Anyhow, here’s ...
Customers and use of their data: an ethical alliance
Customer experience , Personal data , Security

At the crossroads of discussions about customer relationships, new devices and cybersecurity, data is becoming an essential focus and ethical issue. What are businesses doing today to protect it and oversee its collection or use? Let's ...

Can a celebrity save a sea?
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Only time will tell. Wishing to “put back ecology at the center of the pleasure of life", it is exactly what electronic music composer Jean-Michel Jarre is trying to do. He intends to let the world know that it is necessity for us to ...
Get ready with Orange, for Paris 2024
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On September 13, the International Olympic Committee will announce whether Los Angeles or Paris will be hosting the 2024 Olympics and Paralympics..

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Initiated in 1993 by the UN, World Water Day aims at raising awareness about water-related issues and getting people, politicians and companies to do their part when it comes to that precious resource. In 2017, the running theme was ...
Review of the European regulatory framework for electronic communications:...
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Laurence VEYNE, head of communication at Greenpeace France
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Orange Pop: For a long time, celebrities from the music, cinema, fashion or entrepreneurship have been getting involved (to various extents) with ecology, preservation of animal species, forests, resources,  and so on.Do you think ...
Serial changes in the world of entertainment
TV , Products and services , Customer experience

Like the high degree of success enjoyed by series, home entertainment is in a state of flux in terms of content format, viewing modes, and broadcast strategies. We review these major changes in case you missed an episode…