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One third of European Union researchers are women. Source: Ministry of Higher Education
Viva Technology reiterates its success in 2017
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Orange is taking part in Viva Technology 2017. Here’s a summary of the key issues being discussed at this second edition of an event that has become the place to be for digital innovation in France.

Digital art, performing arts
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Without necessarily realising it, digital art is part of your everyday life. So what is digital art? There are various definitions, but they are all based on the idea of artistic creation “made using digital devices: computers, ...
Discovering the Internet of Things
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Interview with Pascal Ancian, who manages the Orange Group’s program focused on the Internet of Things...

A brief history of the landline from copper to All-IP
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In a little over a century, the telephone has seen several major technological disruptions which have supported the large-scale democratisation of telephone services.

5G : More than just connectivity
European policy , 5G

Orange helps you to better understand the challenges of 5G...

Words of innovation : algorithm
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Discover what an algorithm is in less than a minute.

The Digital Single Market: two years on
European policy

In May 2015, the European Commission issued its strategy setting out its aim to improve the delivery and operation of digital services across the EU...

Game theory: definitely not child’s play…
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What is game theory? It’s a field of mathematics that has been growing since the 1950s. What we call a “game” is an interaction situation where participants take decisions that impact others. Depending on the context, and on whether ...
When Big Data takes the lead in entertainment
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Entertainment and the media: welcome to the experience era
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Over the past twenty years, the entertainment landscape has been largely shaped by media digitalisation. The emergence and widespread adoption of the World Wide Web in particular have meant that new players like YouTube and Netflix ...
The technologies behind entertainment
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The impact of digital technologies on cultural activities at a glance.