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Muzeek - André Manoukian launches a start-up based on AI
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Artificial Intelligence & Business

How companies are using AI to grow

In Las Vegas, hotel launches reservation assisted by artificial intelligence
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Welcome to the futur

Augmented reality: what future for mobile games?
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Overview of the most popular augmented reality games

Game Of Thrones: Actors already bid farewell to the series
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The series has never been closer to the end 

Phone booths, real pop figures
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It's time for an update

Japan Expo: The Cultural Meeting of Japan's Lovers
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By the way, what is Japan Expo?

E3 convention - What's up in the video game industry in 2018?
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The Top 5 video games to remember! 

France wins the World Cup ... according to FIFA18!
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What if we could really predict the victories of the biggest sporting events?

The Pop Corn moment : Westworld
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When artificial intelligence meets the universe of the Wild West.

Artists & Robots - Artificial Imagination
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Is today's AI able to imagine?

Books into music ? Audio books land on Vinyl!

What if you listen to your books instead of reading them?