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Cyberdefense: guardians of the network
Cyberdefense: guardians of the network
Group , Networks , Cybersecurity

Digital freedom – we experience it every day without really thinking too much about it. Yet behind our carefree habits lies a crucial question. It’s not whether you’ll be a victim of a cyberattack, but when. And especially who will be ...

At sea, they watch over our internet connections
At sea, they watch over our internet connections
Networks , Activities and expertise

During the eight-week lockdown in France, the fundamental role of networks in our lives and our relationship with the world became glaringly obvious. Orange employees worked around the clock in the background to keep these lifelines ...

Covid-19 : comment Orange assure la continuité des services numériques
Covid-19: how Orange is ensuring digital service continuity
Group , Networks , Activities and expertise

In the context of this unprecedented situation, Orange is fully mobilised in its role as a service provider. Around the world, whether to stay in touch with loved ones, work from home or continue to communicate whatever the ...

How 5G will strengthen business competitiveness
How 5G will strengthen business competitiveness

5G deployment will be a key milestone in 2020. Used in addition to existing networks, it will lead to a profound change in consumer uses and accelerate growth in many business sectors too. A world of opportunities is opening up to many ...

Christian Pomiès_Orange
Our watchwords? Network quality, availability and reliability
Group , Networks

Why count on Orange’s global network? Here are all the answers you need from Christian Pomiès, head of the Network Traffic Management Centre.

Are you ready for 5G?
Are you ready for 5G?
Products and services , Networks , Innovation

5G marks the next major evolution of mobile phone networks, designed to support new services in an increasingly connected world...

How Orange employees commit to customers
Group , Products and services , Networks

For more than a century, networks have been central to the activities of telecoms operators. They keep us connected to the world. Their robustness, along with an operator’s reactivity to any outage, are fundamental to trust ...

Explaining the explosion of digital uses and telecoms networks
Group , Networks , Activities and expertise , International

The acceleration of internet uses is dizzying. Telecoms operators are facilitating this exponential growth thanks to the performance and agility of their data networks...

World first: Orange Marine’s cable ship becomes a Cape Horner
Group , Products and services , Networks , International

On 4 January, at around 9:00pm, the Orange Marine cable ship René Descartes sailed around Cape Horn at 56°00’ latitude south and 067°16’ longitude west. This makes it the only cable ship in the world that can claim the title of a true ...

Kanawa, the new high-speed cable in the West Indies
Group , Networks , International

Orange is completing the deployment of a new fibre-optic submarine cable linking Martinique and French Guiana. Called Kanawa, it will improve connectivity to support the region’s strong growth in digital services and ongoing explosion ...

100% connected Service Technician
Products and services , Networks , Activities and expertise

Thanks to digital connectivity, service technicians can be more efficient and improve customer service quality. Said, who works for Orange in Amiens, explains more.

SooGREEN: one more step towards environmentally friendly digital services...
Networks , Innovation , CSR

Orange has been working for more than 10 years to optimise its networks and equipment. A new milestone was reached in 2015 with the launch of SooGREEN, an international collaboration, through which Orange aims to achieve end-to-end ...