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Thinking about IoT differently: when art and digital combine to make us...
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On 26 October, three artists in residence at the Orange Art Factory put their works on public display. For several months, Agnès de Cayeux, Fabien Zocco and Olga Kisseleva have been exploring the notion of “system” in every sense of ...

Class photo of teen movies characters
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In the cinema world, school seems to be a pivotal theme. Indeed, the different types of people found in high school continue to fascinate filmmakers around the world. While this week marked the beginning of #BackToSchool time, we ...

Emoji Interview : Béatrice Mandine, Head of Communication and Brand Strategy...
Culture , Internet of things

What is it like being the Head of Communication and Brand Strategy at Orange? Béatrice Mandine tells us everything there is to know, with the help of a few emojis

How to become the king of the world with 6 quotes by Richard Branson?
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Founder and CEO of Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Cola, Virgin Trains, Virgin Mobile, Virgin Direct, Virgin Money, Virgin Galactic… among others, Richard Branson is one of the most celebrated entrepreneurs on the planet. But most of all, he ...

Fun Fact : TED and its million of dollars
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Since its creation in 1984, the acronym TED has become the symbol of a more didactic approach to conferences; overtime it has become the leader of the pack when it comes to that field. Each year, it rewards “an inspiring, high-impact ...

Apple Keynotes’ “One More Thing”

It is now a classic

3 questions to Michel Lévy-Provençal from TEDxParis: “First of all, a talk...

As the head of TEDxParis since 2009, Michel Lévy-Provençal has become a household name in the motivational speaking world. That’s the reason why we wanted to pick his brain and talk about how to best organize our ideas.

How did Hermione Granger make it to the UN?

Among the great speeches that have recently stuck with the masses, there is no doubt that everyone remembers that of a beautiful and intelligent 24 year-old at the United Nations: Emma Watson

The guy with the most WTF question

Undeniably THE question of the day