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Laurence VEYNE, head of communication at Greenpeace France

The head of communication tells us everything about these celebrities who take a stand for the planet.

Our 10 favorite "green" anthems!

We give you a Top 10 of our favorite « green »-musical anthems, and they are all classics!

Google's AI Fun Fact

Every day, AI seems to be making giant leaps. For example, the intelligence of Google Deep Dream is able today to reproduce in its own way the masterpiece “La Nuit Étoilée” by Van Gogh. An auction for the 29 AI-generated paintings was ...

3 questions to Bhautik Joshi, AI specialist for the next Kristen Stewart...

Using Neural Style Transfer technology, the engineer at Adobe Bhautik Joshi has worked with Kristen Stewart on sequences for her artificial intelligence-redesigned movie? He gladly answered our questions:

5 scenarios that were co-written with an AI
Contents , Innovation

Among many other things, AI is used today to write scenarios. The results are many and diverse but either way, it's worth the trouble

How to put together the Superbowl’s winning team?

As we know, for the past few years the use of data has been gaining a lot of steam in sports, but lately it seems to have reached fever pitch.

Mark Schmidt designs your favorite video games sets through AI

Lately, video games enthusiasts seem obsessed with one thing : open worlds

Introducing Flow Machines, the AI that loves the Beatles

If you ever thought that one-day artificial intelligence would write songs instead of humans, then you were right all along.

Discover Hayet Behilil : an Orange Employee
Activities and expertise

Find out Hayet Behilil's portrait, B2B Key Account Customer Service Manager, at Orange since 2011.

Discover Frédéric Ghirardi : an Orange Employee
Activities and expertise

Find out Frédéric Ghirardi's portrait, Ordering, Delivery and After-Sales Director, at Orange since 2016.

Words of wisdom by Silicon Valley’s big brains

While Silicon Valley remains the leading hub for high-tech innovation and development, it seems to be a place filled with inspirational tales too.
Here’s a roundup of some of the most philosophical words from the Valley’s biggest brains.

The best lines in biopics about the world of business

The business world, money, and innovation have always been fascinating to filmmakers. That’s why businessmen, their trials, tribulations and crazy antics are often the subjects of big Hollywood movies. Here’s our Top 5 of the best ...