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The many secrets of David Bowie’s latest album cover
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Even in the afterlife, Mr Bowie is full of surprises

My Orange, the application that simplifies and enriches your Orange services
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Customer experience is a main priority for Orange, in order to offer consumers greater flexibility.

Top 6 of celebrities who wear many hats!
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So, who made the cut?

Tennis woman Maria Sharapova has launched a candy business
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In the latest edition of celebrities branching out, Maria Sharapova has surprised everyone by launching a candy business – although her love for sweets has never been a secret to her biggest fans. 

3 question to Guillaume Salmon, Public Relations for Colette
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As Colette celebrates its 20th anniversary, we got to talk to Guillaume Salmon. As a PR for the shop, he’s in charge of organizing events with the biggest stars on the planet.

How to go incognito at your own in-store event?
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Through the years, Daft Punk has remained the best! Even when it comes to making an appearance at an event devoted to them, the dynamic duo found a way to do it differently. 

Ed Sheeran volunteers at a charity shop
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Everybody loves Ed Sheeran, he was voted the biggest male pop star on the planet by GQ magazine, he’s been ruling the charts all over the world with his new album, he is about to guest-star on the next season of Game Of Thrones … AND, ...

Jack White’s the leader of the vinyl pack
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Singer, producer, actor; is there anything that Jack White can’t do? With the creation of his unique vinyl store, Third Man Records, we think you know the answer. 

Across the world, Smart Stores are reshuffling the cards
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Orange responds to the need to always be connected to technology through its Smart Stores...

Our family continues to grow: welcome Burkina Faso!
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Orange is pleased to announce today the launch of its brand in Burkina Faso...

The first European NBA cafe has opened its doors
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Everyone knows that Spain is a basketball nation. With players like Paul GascolJose Calderon and Serge Ibaka mounting the sport’s ladder faster than anywhere else, scoring coveted places in the NBA, the ultimate win for the game. In ...

Where in the world can I buy... ?
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We’re touring the world, one concept store at a time!