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The wise Sean Parker: tech's unsung hero

At a time when companies like Facebook and Deezer are ruling the world and their founders have become pop culture icons, it seems like one particular tech guy isn’t getting the recognition he deserves: Mr Sean Parker.

Customers and use of their data: an ethical alliance

At the crossroads of discussions about customer relationships, new devices and cybersecurity, data is becoming an essential focus and ethical issue. What are businesses doing today to protect it and oversee its collection or use? Let's ...

Fun Fact : TED and its million of dollars
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Since its creation in 1984, the acronym TED has become the symbol of a more didactic approach to conferences; overtime it has become the leader of the pack when it comes to that field. Each year, it rewards “an inspiring, high-impact ...

Apple Keynotes’ “One More Thing”

It is now a classic

Top 5 the best conferences at this year’s SXSW

Held in Austin, Texas every year, South By Southwest festival – or SXSW – is truly one of the biggest cultural events in America. Amidst all the concerts, movie premieres and art installations that happen there, you can find many ...

3 questions to Michel Lévy-Provençal from TEDxParis: “First of all, a talk...

As the head of TEDxParis since 2009, Michel Lévy-Provençal has become a household name in the motivational speaking world. That’s the reason why we wanted to pick his brain and talk about how to best organize our ideas.

How did Hermione Granger make it to the UN?

Among the great speeches that have recently stuck with the masses, there is no doubt that everyone remembers that of a beautiful and intelligent 24 year-old at the United Nations: Emma Watson

The guy with the most WTF question

Undeniably THE question of the day

Rihanna is Harvard’s Latest Valedictorian

When the charts queen goes back to school

Get ready with Orange, for Paris 2024
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On September 13, the International Olympic Committee will announce whether Los Angeles or Paris will be hosting the 2024 Olympics and Paralympics..

Review of the European regulatory framework for electronic communications:...
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Serial changes in the world of entertainment
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Like the high degree of success enjoyed by series, home entertainment is in a state of flux in terms of content format, viewing modes, and broadcast strategies. We review these major changes in case you missed an episode…