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When packaging is used as a tribute

While a good packaging has become essential to stand out on the shelves of a store, some brands or artists have even used it to pay tribute to iconic figures of pop culture. See for yourself:

The Top 5 best vinyl movie soundtracks covers

12in x 12in, these are the dimensions of a record album cover. While some keep it simple and play it safe, others use their cover arts as distinctive design pieces!

Smiling Paint Pocket

Introducing the edgiest bucket paint in the world! 

What does every designer have in their pocket?

Answer : a “Pantone Condome”

Erik Wallenberg, Tetra Pak’s founder

Story time! This week, we tell you everything about one of the most revolutionary packagings in history: the Tetra Pak.

Buzzing designer Angelina Pischikova, creator of insect-themed packaging

Designer Angelina Pischikova has conceived an insect-inspired collection of packaging. Created for the CrazyService Electric Group, they’ve already got the whole web buzzing.

The many secrets of David Bowie’s latest album cover

Even in the afterlife, Mr Bowie is full of surprises

My Orange, the application that simplifies and enriches your Orange services
Group , Products and services

Customer experience is a main priority for Orange, in order to offer consumers greater flexibility.

Top 6 of celebrities who wear many hats!

So, who made the cut?

Tennis woman Maria Sharapova has launched a candy business

In the latest edition of celebrities branching out, Maria Sharapova has surprised everyone by launching a candy business – although her love for sweets has never been a secret to her biggest fans. 

3 question to Guillaume Salmon, Public Relations for Colette

As Colette celebrates its 20th anniversary, we got to talk to Guillaume Salmon. As a PR for the shop, he’s in charge of organizing events with the biggest stars on the planet.

How to go incognito at your own in-store event?

Through the years, Daft Punk has remained the best! Even when it comes to making an appearance at an event devoted to them, the dynamic duo found a way to do it differently.