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Our watchwords? Network quality, availability and reliability
Group , Networks

Why count on Orange’s global network? Here are all the answers you need from Christian Pomiès, head of the Network Traffic Management Centre.

You answered mostly "triangles": you’re “data savvy”

A geek at heart, you’re a secret admirer of data and AI… but not at all costs.

You answered mostly "circles": you’re “data responsible”

You leave nothing to chance and always weigh up the pros and cos.

You answered mostly "stars": you’re a “data hater”

You’re constantly looking for ways to block your personal data from being processed.

You answered mostly "squares": you’re a “data optimist”

You trust that nothing bad will happen to your data.

Everything you need to know about our disability policy: everyone concerned,...

True to our Human Inside philosophy, which ensures people are at the heart of everything we do, we’re continuing to intensify our efforts. More than ever we firmly believe that regardless of the job or position and whatever the level ...

Digital and environment: threat or opportunity?

On 28 November, in the context of COP 25, the Digital Society Forum (DSF) organised an open debate: "Digital and environment: threat or opportunity?” echoing the growing concerns citizens around the world. The roundtable discussions ...

Promoting women's entrepreneurship
Group , Innovation

At the end of 2018, Orange Silicon Valley launched the "Women in Tech" project, which brings together interested parties to discuss diversity and inclusion in the field of high tech and start-ups...

In favour of responsible digital use in Africa
Group , Middle-East and Africa

We’re committed to developing the best digital uses...

Cybersecurity’s challenge: building trust
Cybersecurity’s challenge: building trust

Anticipating, detecting, protecting against and reacting to attacks in the vast digital world are daily priorities within Orange teams across the world. It is also the core business of Orange Cyberdefense, French leader and major ...

GSMA: all you need to know
Innovation , International

As the global mobile operator trade body, the GSM Association represents the interests of almost 800 mobile network operators and manufacturers worldwide. It has a strong influence due to its sector and combined economic power

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Rekindle Europe’s competitiveness
European policy

New technologies are disrupting our lives. Citizens, businesses, governments: no one is being spared by the ongoing developments in Artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things, ecommerce, or cybersecurity. Stéphane Richard, ...