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“The more you adapt, the more interesting you are”
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Cooking shows have been a fixture of American TV for a long time. Although chef Julia Child, was already talking about French cuisine in her television shows and books in the 60’s, Martha Stewart’s arrival in the 90’s took housewife ...

Jason Feifer, editor-in-chief for “Entrepreneur” magazine
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A reference in the latest business and corporate world news ever since its creation in 1977, Entrepreneur magazine also has a Facebook page called “Inspiration for Entrepreneurs” which posts on a daily basis tips and quotes… from entrepreneurs.

3 questions to the organizers of Romania's Summer Well Festival
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With over 15 000 goers per year, the Summer Well Festival is the dark horse of European festivals. This year, in the middle of a lush forest in Buftea, Romania, festival-goers will be able to see Metronomy, The Kills or Birdy - among ...

Top 5 best outdoor cinemas in the world
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Watching a movie on a big screen isn’t always about big dark rooms and velvet seats. During the summer, going to the movies can become way more casual.
Here’s a selection of our 5 favorite out-door cinemas in the world.

Can you have a conversation with a piece of art?
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So? True or false? You see for yourself!

Tip n°2 for a reasoned internet use
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This month, we wanted to give you a few advices on how to have a reasoned internet use.
Our second tip will make you put down your phone, if only for a few minutes (or hours, it's up to you).

Why Almodòvar isn’t a fan of Hollywood?
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It's quite obvious when you think about it...

Agustín Almodóvar, brother and producer
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If Pedro Almodóvar has enjoyed true artistic freedom throughout his career, it has a lot to do with his little brother: Agustín.

All Almodòvar, all classics!
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The only thing as renowned as Pedro Almodóvar’s movies is the music in Pedro Almodovar’s movies.
Indeed, it is impossible not to think about the soundtracks which set the tone in the director’s films.

How to make the perfect summer song?
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This year, just like every other year, you won’t be able to escape the infamous « song of the summer ». Wherever you’ll go, it’ll follow. But what’s the magic recipe behind those catchy hits?

Pedro Almodovar's Fun Fact
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Although he is a highly respected and world-renowned filmmaker, there is little that is known about Almodovar’s “off-cinema” life. For example, we’re sure you did not know what the number “12” means to Pedro

Almost every Almodovar movie was shot in Madrid
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The long-running love story between the moviemaker and the mighty city