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Emoji Interview : Kayane and Shaunz are all set for Paris Games Week 2017
Orange Pop

Paris Games Week 2017 will begin on November 1st.
So we went to ask a few questions to two people who know quite a lot about the big annual event: gamers Kayane et Shaunz.
Check out their emoji answers below ;-)

Get Lost: when the SEED Awards reward African start-ups for sustainable...
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The SEED Awards reward emerging-markets' start-ups with the strengths to make real environmental improvements, while contributing to a greener economy.

Pop Stories - Algorave : Live Coding Music
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Join us in London as we tell you everything about #Algorave, the emerging phenomenon that brings together live music and coding in an exceptional way!

Animated Infographic: the number 42 in pop culture...
Orange Pop

42 ... seems like quite an ordinary number.
On closer inspection, you'll see that this very figure has been fascinating pop culture for quite a while now.

Killer Question : Can Wonder Woman teach you how to code?
Orange Pop

Wonder Woman is one of the biggest film of 2017. It clearly shows that there is a fascination around this charismatic character of the world of comics. While some schools don’t hesitate to dig into pop culture to freshen up their ...

Killer Question : Can you be a runway queen and a coding queen at the same...
Orange Pop

Karlie Kloss simply breaks down the clichés about women. Yes, indeed, you can be on the cover of fashion magazines and code as well! 

Post-Hit : enough with the subtitles fails already
Orange Pop

Subtitles ... we will forever be grateful for this invention.
But we must admit that they can sometimes leave us a bit puzzled. Case in point:

Get Lost: Wangari Maathai, the first African female recipient of the Nobel...
Orange Pop

We tell you about this inspiring woman from Kenya, and her life-long battle to preserve our planet.

An entrepreneur taking over the online fashion industry
Orange Pop

The e-retail revolution will come from Africa!

Popcorn Time : the Fight Club rules (and the Fight Code ones)
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We are pretty sure that if we were to ask you the first rule of the Fight Club, you would answer in a heartbeat, same goes for the second. But  when it comes to the others, you might take a little more time.

Top 5 clothing lines you never knew were created by a celebrity
Orange Pop

It’s not unusual for artists to branch out. Fashion remains their main arena of choice. We’ve picked 5 brands launched by celebrities and we’re sure you didn’t even know.

Animated Infographic : Orange Pop's Green Tips
Orange Pop , CSR

We may not realize it but adopting an eco-friendly attitude isn't too complicated. Here are a few tips that will help you be more "green"