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Post-Hit : enough with the subtitles fails already
Orange Pop

Subtitles ... we will forever be grateful for this invention.
But we must admit that they can sometimes leave us a bit puzzled. Case in point:

Get Lost: Wangari Maathai, the first African female recipient of the Nobel...
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We tell you about this inspiring woman from Kenya, and her life-long battle to preserve our planet.

An entrepreneur taking over the online fashion industry
Orange Pop

The e-retail revolution will come from Africa!

Popcorn Time : the Fight Club rules (and the Fight Code ones)
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We are pretty sure that if we were to ask you the first rule of the Fight Club, you would answer in a heartbeat, same goes for the second. But  when it comes to the others, you might take a little more time.

Top 5 clothing lines you never knew were created by a celebrity
Orange Pop

It’s not unusual for artists to branch out. Fashion remains their main arena of choice. We’ve picked 5 brands launched by celebrities and we’re sure you didn’t even know.

Animated Infographic : Orange Pop's Green Tips
Orange Pop , CSR

We may not realize it but adopting an eco-friendly attitude isn't too complicated. Here are a few tips that will help you be more "green"

Name dropping: CSR
Orange Pop , CSR

More and more, companies are proud to tell us about their CSR initiatives, and we think it’s amazing.
... but in all fairness, what exactly is CSR?

If you are one of those people who nod but do not understand when the subject is brought ...

Class photo of teen movies characters
Orange Pop , Culture , Contents

In the cinema world, school seems to be a pivotal theme. Indeed, the different types of people found in high school continue to fascinate filmmakers around the world. While this week marked the beginning of #BackToSchool time, we ...

Emoji Interview : Béatrice Mandine, Head of Communication and Brand Strategy...
Orange Pop , Culture , Internet of things

What is it like being the Head of Communication and Brand Strategy at Orange? Béatrice Mandine tells us everything there is to know, with the help of a few emojis