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Building trusted relationships based on international network security
Building trusted relationships based on international network security...
Group , Networks

Le Network Traffic Management Center assure en temps réel la surveillance et le traitement des évènements de nos réseaux déployés à travers plus de 200 pays dans le monde. Plus qu’un centre de supervision international, ce concentré ...

Orange Digital Center: committed to digital equality
Orange Digital Center: committed to digital equality
Group , CSR , Middle-East and Africa

Our network of Orange Digital Centers reflects our commitment to making digital innovation and support more accessible to everyone. Opening across the African continent, these free digital resources provide training, acceleration and ...

David kessler
Death of David Kessler, Head of Orange Content
Group , Contents

David Kessler sadly passed away on Monday 3 February. The world of culture is losing a tireless supporter of audiovisual media, research and the arts. France is losing a great senior civil servant. Orange is losing a passionate and ...

Trust, central to Orange’s DNA
Trust, central to Orange’s DNA
Group , Products and services

France Héringer-Jallot, Senior VP Quality Customer Experience and Sales at Orange.

Customer relationships, a story of trust
Customer relationships, a story of trust

Christian Pomiès_Orange
Our watchwords? Network quality, availability and reliability
Group , Networks

Why count on Orange’s global network? Here are all the answers you need from Christian Pomiès, head of the Network Traffic Management Centre.

Promoting women's entrepreneurship
Group , Innovation

At the end of 2018, Orange Silicon Valley launched the "Women in Tech" project, which brings together interested parties to discuss diversity and inclusion in the field of high tech and start-ups...

In favour of responsible digital use in Africa
Group , Middle-East and Africa

We’re committed to developing the best digital uses...

Telecoms: a 150-year story to live and relive

From the first telegraphs to mobile phones, SMS, and today’s virtual assistant… the telecoms industry has revolutionised the way we communicate.

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Solidarity FabLabs: how digital technology enables employability
Group , CSR

In 2014, the Orange Foundation launched an international digital education programme, Solidarity FabLabs. The goal...

Orange presents… Sanza, the mobile that makes the internet easier to access...
CSR , Group , Middle-East and Africa

Orange is aiming to accelerate digital inclusionacross its 19 operating countries in Africa.

Orange’s socio-economic development
Group , CSR

Technology offers everyone – both individuals and businesses – the chance to develop and progress...