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eCAC40 2016 : Orange is one of France’s Digital Champions!
Group , Innovation

The Internet inspires… in Moldova too!
Group , International

A new creative and original campaign...

Orange is the most responsible company in Poland
Group , CSR , International

Orange Poland takes first place in the 2016 socially responsible company ranking and is awarded the CSR Golden Leaf (Palm d´Or) by the weekly news magazine Polityka...

A contribution to the telecoms regulatory framework review
Group , European policy , International

The EU is currently preparing the review of the 2009 telecoms regulatory framework.

Design: When the product listens to the user
Group , Innovation

Anyone can tell you the pleasure they have in using a smartphone, digital object, or “well-designed” app. Design plays an important role in the creation of a “good user experience.” Chantal Maugin, Director of Design and User ...

Our brand is also evolving to focus on the essentials in Senegal
Group , International

On March 14, the Orange brand evolved in Senegal to support its new ambition: enabling all its customers to enjoy an unrivalled experience by connecting them to their essentials. Orange therefore wants to be an essential and useful ...