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Orange Cinema Series: all of HBO for your eyes only

Orange Cinema Series (OCS) holds exclusivity for HBO’s programs and series catalogue through the renewal of its partnership with the American channel. And on July 16 it’s only on OCS that you can be gripped by Season 7 of Game of Thrones (GoT)!


Guillaume Jouhet, Managing Director of OCS, and Charlotte Blum, series journalist at OCS, analyze the power wielded by fans on the production and broadcast processes of series. Interview...

When Big Data takes the lead in entertainment
Big Data , Contents

The technologies behind entertainment
The technologies behind entertainment

The impact of digital technologies on cultural activities at a glance.

Boosting entertainment through innovation
Contents , Innovation

As is the case across the entire economy, the Entertainment sector has been transformed by the digital revolution. A brilliant opportunity or a disaster?

Content distribution: the heart of everything
Networks , Contents

The digital revolution has made convergence a reality and content a strategic element...

Spotlight on the cinema of the future
Spotlight on the cinema of the future
Products and services , Contents

Here’s an overview of the key innovations that will soon transform the cinema-going experience for film fans.

Digital Cannes
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Join the glitterati on the famous red steps through all-inclusive VIP trips, ‘access all areas’ immersive experiences and behind-the-scenes live action.

The content platform – the heart of Orange’s strategy
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Orange is committed to making useful and intelligent content constantly more accessible to the greatest number of people....

Content: Ask for the guide!

This revolution in speed and usage is pushing all production, publishing, and content distribution stakeholders to innovate competitively so as to provide you with a high-quality experience ever richer in sensations and emotions.

Serial changes in the world of entertainment
Products and services , Contents

Like the high degree of success enjoyed by series, home entertainment is in a state of flux in terms of content format, viewing modes, and broadcast strategies. We review these major changes in case you missed an episode…

A new film coproduced by Orange Poland
Contents , International

« L’Art d’aimer » retrace l’histoire de Michalina Wisłocka, femme médecin reconnue et auteure du livre « l’art d’aimer »...