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Orange Digital Center: committed to digital equality
Orange Digital Center: committed to digital equality
Group , CSR , Middle-East and Africa

Our network of Orange Digital Centers reflects our commitment to making digital innovation and support more accessible to everyone. Opening across the African continent, these free digital resources provide training, acceleration and ...

Let’s switch off, to stay together

Following the campaign we launched in September 2019, we renewed our message for Valentine’s Day. And following on from this day of romance, we still want to stay connected, but not all the time. 

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Brands: on what conditions do consumers trust them?

Today’s consumers expect a brand to deliver far more than just a good product or service. Brands are now expected to produce it in the “right” way, too. Learn more about consumer trust from Marion Darrieutort, CEO of Elan Edelman, ...

Everything you need to know about our disability policy: everyone concerned,...

True to our Human Inside philosophy, which ensures people are at the heart of everything we do, we’re continuing to intensify our efforts. More than ever we firmly believe that regardless of the job or position and whatever the level ...

Digital and environment: threat or opportunity?

On 28 November, in the context of COP 25, the Digital Society Forum (DSF) organised an open debate: "Digital and environment: threat or opportunity?” echoing the growing concerns citizens around the world. The roundtable discussions ...

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Screen time for each age group

We’ve invited screens into our homes, and our children have followed suit. What rules can we establish to use our digital tools more responsibly? We can start by limiting screen time for very young children and gradually extending it ...

Ecodesign, a solution to protect the environment

Given the urgency of the energy transition, one of the things we can do is to limit our impact on natural resources...

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Solidarity FabLabs: how digital technology enables employability
Group , CSR

In 2014, the Orange Foundation launched an international digital education programme, Solidarity FabLabs. The goal...

Orange presents… Sanza, the mobile that makes the internet easier to access...
CSR , Group , Middle-East and Africa

Orange is aiming to accelerate digital inclusionacross its 19 operating countries in Africa.

Orange’s socio-economic development
Group , CSR

Technology offers everyone – both individuals and businesses – the chance to develop and progress...

Understanding the social impacts of technology
Group , CSR

In an era of fake news and increasing mistrust of politicians, institutions, the media and more recently social networks; citizens expect companies to take a clear stand and act meaningfully when it comes to the major societal changes ...

Digital and how it empowers people
Group , CSR

Discover how, throughout its history and evolution – Orange has contributed to a more inclusive and trustworthy digital society. In his book Human Web – Working to Connect Humankind, Stéphane Richard ...