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There are already 10 Smart Stores in Romania!

The customer experience transformation in Romania is just around the corner. In fact, after opening its first Smart Store in Cluj Napoca in March 2015...

100,000 spectators for the 2016 edition of Orange Kino Letnie
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Three resort locations in Poland, 62 days, 141 screenings, nearly 300 hours of cinematic emotion, more than 100,000 spectators...

Orange is supporting the growth of European start-ups
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Orange is convinced that startups are an essential driving force for European innovation.

Summer Well 2016 eco-festival setting the soundtrack to your holidays
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The Summer Well eco-festival, held in Buftea, on the Ştirbey Estate near Bucharest, is back and being supported by Orange for the sixth year! On August 13 and 14, music and technology will come together in a summer atmosphere for ...

The car of the future
Internet of things , European policy

Smart driving and policy making

Concentration or distraction? The role of digitalization…

A source of distraction or a tool that makes us more alert? Digital solutions, or rather our daily, intense use of them, is now the subject of debate. On one hand, the promoters of Collective Intelligence 2.0 see digital tools as an ...

The car of the future

Connectivity as a critical enabler for connected cars and autonomous driving

Orange Spain turns old mobiles into new trees!
Orange Spain turns old mobiles into new trees!

From July 10 to August 10, Orange Spain is launching operation #1móvil1árbol (#1mobile1tree) aimed at supporting ecology and recycling workshops at summer camps...

The car of the future

From connected cars to automated vehicles: a road for cross sector cooperation

The 9th Orange Kino Letnie film festival is under way

In Poland, the 9th summer outdoor film festival, Orange Kino Letnie, has just begun...

The Orange Art Factory is…
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… An initiative through which Orange is spearheading a new innovation and collaboration model, where artists have a special place within the company...

5G: the future Internet
5G: the future Internet
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In our view, 5G is the future Internet...