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A new film coproduced by Orange Poland
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« L’Art d’aimer » retrace l’histoire de Michalina Wisłocka, femme médecin reconnue et auteure du livre « l’art d’aimer »...

Orange Spain is helping to combat humanitarian crises.
CSR , International

Six NGOs have got together in an entirely new initiative by creating the Emergencies Committee.

Céline Dion inspires artists the world over

At the age of 12, Céline Dion’s career was already the stuff of dreams (Eurovision, Titanic, Las Vegas…). Her extraordinary voice was heard around the planet.

The 7 Steps Of Diva-Dom

Divas are larger-than-life and live for the bright lights and big stage. The figures speak for themselves.

3 questions to Flore Philis and Marie Menand, creators of project D.I.V.A

Headlining the concert event Night of the Voice 2017, D.I.V.A is one of those rare and exceptional ensembles. We talked singing and song with its founders.

Can sopranos really shatter glass?

Tintin sure was surprised. His glass exploded as famous fictional opera singer Madame Castafiore hit a high note. But is it really possible?

The Super Bowl, the pop diva’s right-of-passage

Every winter, America gears up for its biggest event, the Super Bowl, an XXL sporting and cultural extravaganza. But the perennial record-breaking audiences are just as drawn to the lavish halftime shows as the game itself.

Smile, you're connected!
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Find out our special report "Network modernization".

The best network is Orange in Moldavia too
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In Moldavia, it is Orange customers who enjoy the best mobile network...

Networks are being modernized

Have you noticed how digital technology has changed our day-to-day habits?...

Cybersecurity: my precious, my data!
Innovation , Cybersecurity

The data of businesses, public institutions or individuals represent a goldmine, attracting the attention of hackers.

Retail banking and the challenge of digitalisation
Financial services

For day-to-day needs, digital services have quickly become the preferred means of interaction between customers and their banks...