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[Special Edition] Hosting healthcare data
[Special Edition] Hosting healthcare data

In a global, digital world, the hosting of personal healthcare data is no longer confined to a few isolated stakeholders. Electronic medical records, connected medical devices, healthcare apps: these new tools are promoting the ...

Shine at Parties : Can you walk a mile in my connected shoes?
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Just in time for the holiday season, here are a few wearables that should keep you on your toes. Here we go.

IoT: how much do you trust connected objects?
Internet of things , Innovation

The 20.6 million connected objects in circulation by 2018 will contribute to the growing “datarisation” of the world...

IoT in Africa, let’s go!
Internet of things , International

In the first quarter of 2017, revenues generated by the IoT industry increased by 30% year on year in Africa...

“Voted” - Orange Illustration Challenge
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It's really cool to be heard. In case you were in doubt, let us show you how your opinion can make a difference.

IoT and health: from consumer well-being to better healthcare management?
Internet of things

There were 73 million connected objects in the world in 2016. More than half are wearables, or devices that control our physical activity or diet. How are they changing our relationship to health? What place do medical devices occupy ...

IoT and predictive maintenance: welcome to Industry 4.0
Internet of things , Big Data , Smart Cities

Growing numbers of companies are using the potential of IoT and Big Data to anticipate wear and tear and mechanical malfunction of their equipment. This predictive maintenance process is becoming increasingly accurate thanks to machine ...

Pop Stories - Retrogaming, back to the future.
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We went back in gaming time to celebrate the World Video Game Day.

IoT in Smart Cities
Products et services , Internet of things , Smart Cities

Internet of Things is one of the pillars of Smart Cities. Discover how thanks to Delphine Woussen, Head of Smart Cities at Orange Business Services.

Popcorn time : The mighty smart city of "Black Panther"
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After Iron Man, Captain America and Thor, it is time for Marvel to break out yet another superhero.

The many faces of the Smart City
Internet of things , Smart Cities , 60 sec to understand

Where does the IoT love to play? In the city! At the very heart of major “Smart City” projects, connected objects contribute to the smarter and more sustainable management of energy consumption, natural resources, and access to ...

Shine at parties : Shimon, the 4-handed musician robot
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Shimon is not your average robot...