Long Story Short#8: Compressing space and time

Long Story Short is a series of mini documentaries about the new generation of digital creators to discover on live Orange TV and on Dailymotion. From Viners and Instagrammers, to filmmakers, musicians and GIF creators – they all explore new technologies, social media platforms and mobile applications to create and tell stories that are extraordinary in their content and format, and sent around the world in just a few clicks...


 Through this series of portraits, Live Orange TV invites you to discover their stories, their worlds and their working methods.

Cy Kuckenbaker: Compressing space and time

Cy Kuckenbaker, a specialist in time collapse, is a filmmaker and professor of cinema in California. He reshuffles the time and chronology of the events that surround us, bringing them together in a single space and time.
This colossal undertaking is essentially about using image processing to delete the time that separates a series of events. It allows him to have dozens of planes landing simultaneously, or even to sort San Diego’s motorway traffic by the color of the cars. The result, as well as being fascinating, is a way for him to visually decode the movements and interactions of Californian life.

  1. vimeo.com/cysfilm