In partnership with Orange, Smart Cities are coming to Romania

Orange and the municipality of Alba Iulia approve the cooperation agreement for the Alba Iulia Smart City 2018 pilot project

Orange Romania and the municipality of Alba Iulia have just approved a cooperation agreement for the Alba Iulia Smart City 2018 pilot project, which features many solutions to digitize the city. This smart city projec in Romania comes in response to the Digital Agenda for Romania 2020 initiative established by the Romanian Ministry of Communications (MCSI).

Orange Romania will contribute to the design and implementation of this smart city by providing an open, interoperable, and modular platform that is tailored to the needs of the city and its citizens. The costs of developing and implementing the solutions for the pilot project shall be fully covered by Orange Romania, which is supported in this project by several world-class partners : Civic Alert, Magnasci (uRadMonitor), Tech Lounge, FullscreenDigital, Gebs (Zoniz), Flashnet.

The infrastructure platform will benefit from Orange’s wealth of innovative power and expertise: 4G, FTTH Fiber, LoRa and LoRa WAN to install a network of connected objects, but also Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. Not forgetting, of course, applications from Orange and other partners, including a number of Romanian start-ups.

Sensors installed throughout the city will collect all kinds of information (air quality, smart lighting management, water distribution, smart meters, etc.) by generating centralized, publicly accessible data in the platform which, where appropriate, can be opened up to other agencies via APIs to allow them to develop new applications that can enrich this project.

Innovation, connectivity solutions, and collaboration with local start-ups are key elements of Orange’s strategy. The project to turn Alba Iulia into a real Smart City by 2018 is a major step in Romania’s journey towards digitalization.

Orange Romania will include the Alba Iulia Smart City 2018 project , which benefits from European funding (Horizon 2020), that is awarded to Orange Romania for its network architecture and the use of technologies such as 5G for Smart Cities applications.