The 9th Orange Kino Letnie film festival is under way

In Poland, the 9th summer outdoor film festival, Orange Kino Letnie, has just begun. There is an outdoor screening every evening, as there is every year: on the Sopot pier, which stretches into the Baltic Sea, and in the mountain resort of Zakopane.

The public can look forward to an excellent program of films, a giant screen and comfortable, folding chairs. Admission to all screenings is free. At Sopot, all you need is a ticket to access the pier.

The famous Polish actress Katarzyna Figura, a long-term regular at Orange Kino Letnie, attended the opening ceremony in Zakopane. The program then began with John Turturro’s comedy “Fading Gigolo”.

Orange Kino Letnie has been attracting enthusiastic crowds for many years. Every day, viewers can see the best films from around the world on the giant screen on Sopot pier and in Zakopane. The festival has now come to Masuria where an open-air program is scheduled to take place in Giżycko’s delightful eco marina (Ekomarina).

At Sopot, you can watch movies from the comfort of a sun bed or from onboard one of the many moored boats and yachts. Boaters even have a special radio frequency dedicated to movie soundtracks.

This year’s program consists of dozens of films selected from around the world. Each day of the week is devoted to a particular theme.
Monday is music; Tuesday offers nuggets from major film festivals; Wednesday features Orange’s greatest successes; Thursday is reserved for Polish films; Friday is comedy; Saturday is Oscar award-winning films and Sunday is all about women!

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