The Orange Art Factory is…

… An initiative through which Orange is spearheading a new innovation and collaboration model, where artists have a special place within the company.

As high-level explorers and experimenters in avant-garde practices, artists invent tomorrow's uses and technologies. Through collaboration with artists, Orange employees will be able to think differently on new uses and their implications.

Orange has opened its research laboratories and innovation departments to artists. Their task is to invent new forms that will foreshadow tomorrow's uses and technologies, by anticipating and exploring new avenues and fostering innovation to take us into new territory.

In practical terms…

After their selection, the artists are welcomed at Orange Gardens, Orange's brand new
eco-campus for innovation located in Châtillon, in the southern part of the Paris region's Hauts-de-Seine. Depending on the projects, the collaboration will last 3, 6 or 12 months, corresponding to Small, Medium and Large projects.
The artists come with an original idea or pre-defined topic. Their backgrounds are essentially in contemporary art, new media, live entertainment and any other form of art that can foster innovation: film-making, cartoons, literature, etc. Their practices are in sync with new uses and cutting-edge technologies. The end-purpose is to:

  • anticipate future uses through creation which may lead to future services
  • create an aesthetic and emotional digital experience to generate a new outlook and bring technology to life in a different way
  • invent new collaboration models because designers, marketeers, developers, scientists, artists and users can collaborate and create projects together.