Focus on the projects of the 3 artists selected

Two artists were selected for the topic of the world of LoRa and one for the topic of network materiality.

The world of LoRa

Fabien Zocco - Black Boxes project

His artistic projects explore the technological transformations which characterise our contemporary world. "How does technology affect language? How are human and non-human aspects (co-) determined through techniques? In what places and in what timeframe do we position ourselves in this era of ubiquitous and instantaneous networks?"

Olga Kisseleva - Eden project

Olga teaches contemporary art and is in charge of the "Art&Science" laboratory of Institut Acte-CNRS Université Paris 1 Panthéon - Sorbonne. In her artistic work, she explores the place of thought and art in our postmodern societies. In her work, she uses the latest technologies and new media. Her working method is similar to the experimental scientific approach used in hard sciences, genetic biology, geophysics and political/social sciences.

Eden (Medium-scope project, 6 months)

The Eden project re-examines standard approaches to ecological problems through technology, by letting trees speak...
Eden is developed on the basis of a scientific observation: trees communicate with one another and their environment, by sharing molecular information.
This communication, which is similar to a network, is not verbal nor commonplace.
This project will be conducted in collaboration with a biology laboratory associated with INRA, the French National Institute of Agronomic Research.

Network materiality

Agnès de Cayeux - Digital Native project

A visual artist exploring networks, art and the digital culture, Agnès de Cayeux is a distinctive figure of net art. Since the 1990s, she has been focused on exploring new technologies to observe the new perceptions and data offered by this information technology science.

Digital Native, Large-scope project, 12 months.

  • Agnès de Cayeux' concept is to bring stories, roots, memories, a genealogy, and a physical existence to our network.